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San Francisco Magazine, “Gone”, December, 2008

This story about teen suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge featured Casey, Jonathan Zablotney and Henry Lew  who all took their lives at the bridge.  In the last four years, 16 young people have climbed over the rail and jumped. These kids weren’t crazy. They were in the throes of painful - and impulsive - adolescence. Then, suddenly, they were gone.

By Tia O'Brien, Photographs by Eros Hoagland

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Marin Independent Journal, “Teen Suicides From Golden Gate Bridge”. August, 2008

Front page story in the Marin Independent Journal daily newspaper.

By Mark Prado

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San Francisco Chronicle, Op-Ed, July, 2008

“A Bridge's Tragic Toll: Why Barriers Are Needed”

By John R. Brooks

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The Dr. Phil Show, October, 2008

“The Bridge Controversy – Tragic Choice”

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KQED-FM, Perspectives, September, 2008

“Suicide Is Not Painless”.  It's been nearly a year since John Brooks' daughter jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge -- but the pain never stops.

By John R. Brooks

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Marin Independent Journal, Op-Ed Sept. 11, 2009

Marin Independent Journal, Op-Ed, June 20, 2010 


Michigan Talk Network, August, 2010

On “Michael Patrick Shiels in the Morning”, I am interviewed by the morning radio network host on the subject of Golden Gate Bridge suicides.

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“Separation” - My Short Editorial Piece On KQED-FM’s Perspective Series, Nov. 29, 2011

I discuss the impact of attachment disorder on adoptive children and parents.

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