American Foundation For Suicide Prevention: 1-888-333-AFSP (2377)

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Are you feeling desperate, alone or hopeless? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), a free, 24-hour hotline for anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Your call will be routed to the nearest crisis center to you.

* Call for yourself or someone you care about

* Free and confidential

* A network of more than 140 crisis centers nationwide

* Available 24/7

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San Francisco Suicide Prevention: 24 Hour Crisis Line (415) 781-0500

San Francisco Suicide Prevention (SFSP) is open 24 hours a day because every minute counts.  Our programs help people who are having suicide thoughts because they are overwhelmed by pain.

“Suicide is about emotional pain.  Pain can be managed and relieved.  That’s what we do here.”

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Family Service Agency of Marin, Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline: (415) 499-1100

Our supportive counselors answer the county's only Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, volunteer grief counselors provide in-person grief counseling for Marin residents with fees based on a sliding scale.

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‘please don’t jump’ Facebook Group

In response to a postcard featured on from an illegal alien contemplating a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, one woman created a Facebook page asking the sender of the card not to jump. Every day people post positive messages and inspirational media, also pleading for the life of the sender of the card.

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‘Break Through the Static’ Facebook Group

Break Through the Static is a San Francisco-based organization with the mission of transforming families, schools and communities by exclusively supporting teenagers affected by suicide.

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Kristen Brooks Hope Center, National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE

Since the suicide of his wife Kristin in April 1998, KBHC Founder Reese Butler has been on a personal crusade.

His mission the past 11 years has been to offer HOPE and the option to LIVE to those in the deepest emotional pain.

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Pick Up The Phone

The reality of depression and suicide has inspired artists to take part in the PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR, a traveling college music tour committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health as well as making the access to help and hope for students safe and without fear. ALKALINE TRIO will headline the inaugural PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR--where impassioned artists join together to raise awareness and funds for depression and suicide prevention. ANBERLIN will support on the trek with newcomers SINGLE FILE opening the show. The PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR marks the first-ever suicide prevention tour happening on college campuses; the events are also open to the public. The trek will launch in April; look for tour dates and venues and a ticket pre-sale to be announced in early 2009.


The PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR is created through a partnership between the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) which has the largest audience on MySpace and Facebook:;; and 1-800 SUICIDE The National Hopeline Network. Through 1-800 SUICIDE--which provides a life-saving service that is private and confidential for people in need--callers are routed directly to the closest crisis center in their immediate area so that quick referrals to behavioral health services and other supports can be offered. Since 1998, 1-800-SUICIDE has received over 3 million calls and rescued more than 4,000 individuals who had already initiated suicide plans.

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To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

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The Bridge Rail Foundation

The Bridge Rail Foundation grew out of the experience of families who had lost loved ones to the Golden Gate Bridge. The goal is simple—raise the rail and stop the suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Barrier Task Force, Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California

The Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California is an organization whose mission remains to provide public information and educational programs related to psychiatry and mental health, to sponsor research, and to provide programs to eliminate prejudice and discrimination towards persons with mental illness. It has conducted and assembled a considerable body of information on the disease of suicide and has been an important advocate for the suicide barrier.

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Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project

This is the official page providing updates on the progress of the Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier from the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.

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         Brando Jessie

On January 1, 2010 a small group gathered to do a prayer vigil and memorial for those who lost their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Very soon after starting the walk things changed abruptly!  There was a person in trouble and we made ourselves available to help in anyway that we could.  The focus of what Bridgewatch is all about was brought home in the most direct way. 

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The Hidden Face Of Suicide

Many people have lost someone to suicide yet no one talks about it. it is simply taboo. Yehudit’s film finds a unique way to break this silence creating a new genre, her own form by blending her personal family story of secrets and silence with the stories of others touched by suicide, as well as the use of masks to uncover the hidden face. She weaves the personal, the universal and art into a story of hope and inspiration. 

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Motherland: Six Women, Two Continents, A Journey Of Hope And Healing

Project Grace, a program of the non-profit organization CorStone, was inspired by the documentary film Motherland.  The program brings together parents, siblings and other family members grieving the loss of a loved one for unique service trips around the world. Project Grace was created with the purpose of providing a compassionate, non-judgmental environment in which participants can offer each other support, share their own stories, provide real, tangible aid to a community in need, and honor a loved one.  The goal is to support participants as they find strength in service to others. Common ground is reached through peer support and cross-cultural sharing.  Project Grace was created in early 2008 and has been named to honor the daughter of one of the participants featured in Motherland.

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The Bridge

A documentary by Eric Steele that follows a full year on the Golden Gate Bridge and records a number of suicides, with interviews of friends and family of those who jumped.

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The Joy of Life

Jenni Olson's 2005 film is an experimental exploration of two themes : Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, and a young lesbian's search for love and self. Available at Blockbuster Online and NetFlix.

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PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. In June, 2010 an illegal immigrant posted a secret declaring the intention to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Within 24 hours, nearly 20,000 people had signed up for a Facebook group titled “Please Don’t Jump.”

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A teacher at the Cleary Mountain Elementary School in Virginia wrote to tell me that her students have used this Resources page for a class project on suicide prevention. They sent me this link to an unlikely but comprehensive source for information on suicide, prevention and related topics. Titled “Reminding Loved Ones That Life is Precious: Suicide Prevention Resources,” it is a free resource posted on LifeInsuranceQuote.Net.

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"Healthy Mind and Body, A Resource Guide to Suicide Prevention"

A Girl Scout Troop in Denver working on a community project to raise awareness for suicide sent me this link filled with lots of valuable material.

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Recovery Connection

A Wisconsin camp counselor and her group sent me this comprehensive website dedicated to helping people, or their loved ones, in need of help with detox, drug addiction or alcoholism find treatment. Recovery Connection® provides a free 24/7 national helpline.

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Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery, an addiction and mental health treatment center, was founded in 2001 in Newport Beach, CA. to give clients the tools to achieve sobriety and healthfully function through our unique supervised, open treatment model.

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Gentle Dental

Don’t be fooled. This web page is not about dentistry even though it’s part of a dentistry site. It lists a great number of suicide awareness and prevention resources provided to me by a group of kids and their tutor. 

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